All of our Standard Spinnerbaits are made with the BEST Quality components available. They come standard with Owner Hook/s and Worth Ball Bearing Swivels which ensure the blade spins with the slowest retrieves which is perfect for our iconic native fish species. 


All our lures are made in house right here in Australia and ensure our quality is second to none. 


Please note Images for colour guide only.

Red and White - Standard Spinnerbaits

Blade Style
Blade Colour
  • Always wash your lures after use and allow to dry before storing them. Do not leave lures in areas where they will become hot as the heat may affect the longevity of your lures. Keep all lures individually and where ever possible do not mix colours as some soft plastic can react with others.  

  • 1/16oz & 1/8oz - Single Colorado Blade - No Soft Plastic

    1/4oz & 3/8oz - Single Colorado Blade - No Soft Plastic

    1/2oz - Double Willow Blades - Small Paddletail 3.25"-3.75"

    5/8oz - Double Colorado Blades - Small Paddletail 3.25"-3.75"

    3/4oz - Double Willow Blades - 4.5" Paddletail + Stinger Hook

    1oz - Single Colorado Blade - 4.5" Paddletail + Stinger Hook

    1.5oz - Double Colorado Blades - 6" Paddletail + Stinger Hook

    2oz - Double Willow Blades - 6" Paddletail + Stinger Hook

    2.5oz - Double Willow Blades - 6" Paddletail + Stinger Hook

    Pictures are for colour reference only.

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